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Starboy Lyrics Meaning

The Weeknd:

Lately, I have been obsessing over this man and his songs. Some of my Fav ones are - Starboy, The Hills, Wicked Games, I feel it Coming, and Party Monster, and of course- The Reminder. (I probably love all his songs)

Since the day the song had released, I have been a fan. His song- Starboy, is not only one of my favourite, but people who know me have to like him too. Cuz, lately, I have not played anything except for his songs be it- in my room, in their rooms or my car, or my phone. I obsess over thing that I like- Scorpion trait :P 

This song was released on 28th September 2016 and since then, I had been trying to understand the meaning of the lyrics. They're raw and crude and have a lot of hidden meanings and blame it on my zodiac, my only interest is in knowing the secrets. 

Here's the meaning of the song- 
  • Lyrics: I'm tryna put you in the worst mood, ah

He means that he isn't here to win your friendship or impress you; quite the opposite 
  • Lyrics: P1 cleaner than your church shoes, ah / Milli point two just to hurt you, ah

He's referring to his car, $1.2 million McLaren P1. He's flaunting how it's particularly nice because he takes even better care of it than people take care of their "Sunday Best" formal clothes for going to church, which is supposed to be clean and crisp. 
  • Lyrics: All red Lamb’ just to tease you, ah / None of these toys on lease too, ah

He also has another expensive car, a red Lamborghini. Furthermore, he owns all of his expensive possessions, like the cars, outright. This further flaunts his wealth. 
  • Lyrics: Made your whole year in a week too, yah

He was the 15th-highest paid artist in 2016; he's saying that he makes your entire year's salary in just a week.  
In his new song The Reminder- he says that he makes a couple of million per show) Yeah, well. 
  • Lyrics: Main bitch out your league too, ah / Side bitch out of your league too, ah

After flaunting all of his wealth and success, he goes on to brag about the quality of the women in his life. Not only is his closest girlfriend, his "main bitch," far too elite for you to ever have a chance with her, even the girl with whom he has a fling on the side is unattainable for most people.
  • Lyrics: House so empty, need a centerpiece

Although he has all of these expensive possessions, he's almost never home because he's busy working and touring as a musician. Despite this, he wants something (a "centerpiece") to help make the house feel less empty.
  • Lyrics: 20 racks a table cut from ebony

His tables are each worth $20,000. They're so expensive because they're made out of ebony wood, which comes from a rare, endangered type of tree. 
Certain species of the tree come from Souther India and Sri Lanka (Good to know)
  • Lyrics: Cut that ivory into skinny pieces / Then she clean it with her face, man I love my baby

His girlfriend arranges thin lines of cocaine ("ivory white") and snorts them. He's fond of her.
  • Lyrics: You talking money, need a hearing aid / You talking bout me, I don't see a shade

Other people talk about money and gossip about him, but he's so apathetic to their words and opinions that he basically doesn't even hear or see it. 
  • Lyrics: Switch up my style, I take any lane

He has a consistent history of switching up his musical style, he's not afraid to take a different direction. Despite constantly changing it up, he continues to be successful.
  • Lyrics: I switch up my cup, I kill any pain

He's also notorious for referencing substance use in his music. He sometimes uses drugs and alcoholic drinks to deal with pain.
  • Lyrics: Look what you've done / I’m a m************ star boy

"Starboy" is Jamaican slang for someone who is very cool or important. He's saying, "Look what you [his fans and the music industry] have done, you've made me wildly famous after my last album was so successful." He has achieved a dream he wanted for a long time. This line can also be interpreted with a degree of irony, as if he's unsure whether he truly wants this level of fame now that he has achieved it.
  • Lyrics: Every day a nigga try to test me, ah / Every day a nigga try to end me, ah

He's constantly being challenged and asked to prove himself over and over, which can be frustrating. Some people are even out to get him, trying to knock him off of his pedestal or tear him down.
  • Lyrics: Pull off in that Roadster SV, ah / Pockets overweight, gettin' hefty, ah

He once again references how he continues to gain wealth and valuable properties. This time, it's a red Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster.
  • Lyrics: Coming for the king, that's a far cry, ah

This is a reference to the video game Far Cry 4, where one of the objectives is to kill the tyrannical king. He's comparing his role as a big celebrity, and the competition he faces because of it, to that of the king in the video game.
  • Lyrics: I come alive in the fall time, I

This song was released at 11pm on September 21st, 2016, 1 hour before the first day of fall in North America. In other words, "I'm coming alive now."
  • Lyrics: No competition, I don't really listen

He doesn't pay much attention to other contemporary music artists who most people might consider "his competition." They aren't really competition at all.
  • Lyrics: I’m in the blue Mulsanne bumping New Edition

Instead of looking to those "peers" for inspiration, he turns to more classic music like 1980s R&B group New Edition. Sometimes he listens to them while driving around in another one of his cars, a blue Bentley Mulsanne.
  • Lyrics: Let a nigga Brad Pitt / Legend of the fall took the year like a bandit

He's comparing his explosive success in 2015 to Brad Pitt's success in 1994, with the movies Legends of the Fall and Interview with a Vampire, which was largely considered a turning point in Brad Pitt's superstar career.
  • Lyrics: Bought mama a crib and a brand new wagon / Now she hit the grocery shop looking lavish

With all the money from his success, he was able to buy his mother a new house and a nice new car, a Mercedes Benz G Wagon. He's pleased that he's been able to set his mom up with nice things.
  • Lyrics: Star Trek roof in that Wraith of Khan

Bragging about his cars again, he's making wordplay off of the movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan about how his Rolls Royce Wraith Kahn Edition has a decoration on the interior roof that looks kind of like space.
  • Lyrics: Girls get loose when they hear this song

People, especially women, seem to really enjoy his songs. He may be poking fun about how girls continue to get excited about the music despite the fact that he just made a "nerdy" reference to Star Trek, given the old stereotype that girls are turned off by "nerd stuff." In other words, he's so great that he's ascended beyond those restrictions.
  • Lyrics: 100 on the dash get me close to God

He's speeding in his car, going 100 miles per hour. The inherent danger of doing this gives him a rush, and he feels "close to God," although he probably doesn't mean this in a sincere religious way. He might also mean that doing dangerous things get him closer to death, at which point he would go meet God in the afterlife.
  • Lyrics: We don't pray for love, we just pray for cars

He clearly likes cars a lot, given how he keeps talking about them. When he hopes for things, he generally isn't wishing for meaningful emotional connections or more abstract values like love or charity or peace. Instead, he hopes for cars - which might also represent other materialistic and self-interested aspirations, like fame and wealth.

Credits: Google Baba 

Hope this man keeps hitting the music industry with tracks like these. Can't wait for his next track! 

Off to listen to 'The Reminder" by the Weeknd. He released the song on his birthday this year and is a massive success already. 

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