Saturday, 5 March 2016

Love is a beautiful thing.

Love breaks you, shreds you and your heart into pieces. It kills you. It rips your soul apart.
Yet, it consumes you and it empowers you.

You don't want anything except that one person in the whole wide world. You feel drained and yet entrenched in happiness.
You want to go away from the pain but you know it makes you stronger.

You wish you could end it, sometimes, but love equals hope. It equals future.

Love is a beautiful thing. You wish for it and when you get it, if true, you would never want to let it go away. Love will grow you help you explore new dimensions of your personality. Parts of your soul, that you never knew existed.

You would want to get naked - not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.
You would want to bare your secrets and your hidden dreams and thoughts shamelessly.

Love takes away the shame, the judgemental attitude, the facade, the glass wall and, the distance and the boundaries that you have created around yourself. It frees you from your cage of fear and sadness. Love will shatter that wall and help you see the world.

Love is not a boundary, it is the horizon.
Love is not just commitment, its faith and its loyalty.
Love doesn't confine you, it frees you.

Love is a beautiful thing. 

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