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Salman Khan- Was justice served?

There have been a zillion things that I felt like sharing but owing to my busy schedule and incomplete posts- nothing ever got published. This post has been lying unpublished in my account since two months now. I forgot to publish it before. :P 

Better late than never right?

Today, I am writing a post about Salman Khan and his bail. I am not sure how this post will be received considering it has divided the society in two groups. Well, I belong to the supportive group.

The non supporting group cant fathom and cant wrap their head around the fact that people were celebrating after he was given bail. Irrelevant and downright stupid posts, about how one would react if it were our own family member under, out poured.

Here's what they need to ask themselves- How would you react if your family member would have had an unfortunate accident like Salman did- Mistakenly, killing someone. Wouldn't you stand by him? Or would you leave him in the lurch?

Then, there were posts about Ravindra Patil - the cop who died of chronic TB, and without his family. 'The post was always headed with- 'if you support Salman then read this.'

What does the death of Ranvindra Patil has to do with Salman Khan?
He was an independent and mentally stable cop who gave testimony against Salman Khan.
here's the link to his story-

His family disowned him, higher officials made him resign. How does that connect to Salman Khan? Whimsical minds would suggest that Salman bribed the police officials to pull back support. Did he then bribe Patil's family too? If one's family is not supporting a man on his death bed, how does that make Salman Khan guilty?

By now, half the country knows about the Alistair Pareira case and Sanjeev Nanda's Hit and run case.
Periera was initially jailed for 6 months only. Only after severe public agitation was his case reopened.
In case of Sanjeev Nanda, a Wharton student then, the highest court convicted him for 2 years only. 

Why 5 years to XYZ then?

Every case is a different case. Of course!

Of course, Salman Khan didn't drag half dead (but savable) people under his car like Sanjeev Nanda.
Of Course Salman Khan wasn't found -'not guilty' initially, like Nanda and/or Periera.
Of course Salman Khan didn't hire agents to get his car cleaned of any blood residue like Nanda.
Of course Salman Khan didn't settle overseas and lavishly continue with his life like Periera and Nanda. 

Instead, he decided to spend his fortune on needy people.

Of course- Each Case Is Different.

Then some say he dragged his case for 13 long years because of his stature.
Is it his fault that he has the money to hire high end lawyers ? It is like blaming a man of forging money for having a fortune. Ridiculous and preposterous.

All those who want him to go to jail without a hearing are hypocrites. Sorry for being so blunt but I have also taken heat from the opposite party.
I call them hypocrites because on one hand they want his celebrity status to play a role in sentence(more jail time) but when it comes to bail or hiring lawyers, his celebrity status shouldn't count?

I only have one question that if Pereira and Nanda were allowed Scott free in 2 years then why should Salman Khan not ? Why does he spend three extra years in jail only because he has a stature.

The opposition lawyers might not have taken steps to question Kamal Khan but one thing they wanted from the beginning was - Salman Khan to be an example for youngsters. Why should he be an example- isn't law supposed to be non biased?

I would have written a long list of what Salman Khan has given back to the society, but he has never advertised his good deeds, and as a loyal fan, I wouldn't either.

This post is only an opinion and I'm not saying that he shouldn't be sent to jail but I believe he deserves a fair hearing

Comments will be appreciated :)

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