Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Marriage. Some hate the sound of this word while some can't wait to get married. It is a difficult deed for girls especially. But hard as it may be, daughters are suppose to leave their mother's lap, their lifestyle, their bed, their home and their comfort to be the blessing of another family. New faces to be respected and loved like her own family. 

With marriage, life doesn't just take a new turn. It is the beginning of another life. A life of hardships, adjustments and compromises. Cancel out hardships- if you're lucky enough.

A distant cousin of mine got married two years ago. She used to be vivacious and fun loving. One thing she hated the most was- cooking. She got married to her boss and settled overseas. A dream come true.
Seeing her today busy taking care of her daughter, hardly finding time for herself is a shock to everyone. Some people call it fate while some say its normal to Be like that. 
It was a love marriage. 

A friend's sister had a typical arranged marriage - caste creed all match. A perfect match. 
She used to be this girl next door. Studying partying and enjoying - all averagely. A small town simple girl. 
And now, Watching her organise parties and partying with her husband in posh clubs is a solicited change for most of the girls.
You might call her lucky. Almost everyone would. 

Through my friend, I know for a fact that she doesn't consider herself as lucky as others do. It was extremely hard for her to adjust herself and modify her personality to settle down well with her in laws. She used to be a simple small town girl. A girl who wanted a rich loving husband and understanding in-laws. She got both but had to change herself completely to fit in well. 

So, what life will bring onto us cannot be pre determined. Love marriage or arranged- both ask for sacrifices, for love, for hunger to make it work. 

This quote explains it better- 

So, instead of considering marriage as a bed of roses, take it as an empty box. The more you'll put in, the more you'll get in return.

I wrote this post sitting in a marriage hall while my parents were meeting distant relatives and friends (secretly hunting for their future son in law ;-)

It is an arranged marriage and We are from the bride's side. Good luck for their future. Hope everything fits well and no one has to change single handedly. 

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