Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Life is what you make of it.

What is life?
It is a debatable question. A debate with not just two, or three opinions. A million ones- none of which can be termed as Wrong!

Life is not a practical or a test or a code that applies to all similar problems. It is in fact an alphabet, a letter that can be used in a gazillion words, in a million ways.
It is something that we need to figure out and deal with - alone. If there's someone besides you to tread along- Call yourself Lucky!

However glim and bleak life appears to be, however dark past has been,however difficult circumstances are posing to be- there is always Hope.
Hang on to that.

You will see things that you are not supposed to.You will hear things that were not meant for you. You will have to deal with all.
You will loose loved ones and best friends- who you made your future plans with. You will be forgotten by those who you could have died for. You will be betrayed, hurt and chosen second.
You will be bitched about and hurt repeatedly. You will loose friends. You will make enemies. You will fail and fail miserably. You will go to the bottom and spiral downwards. Everything.
But you will live. No matter what.

And that is what matters in the end. It is the only thing that matters.
Life will be a bitch; a dog and a Pig.
But you will rise above it all. You will forgive what and forget the past. Learn how to cope with enemies. Learn how to hit back. Learn how to get up and shine - again.

Why? Because that is what life is for.  It will be a beautiful thing, in the end.
So... Get down and rise. Repeat.

So hang on to the tiny bit of hope that is buried underneath the pain, hatred and rejection.
Hang on to that little, tiny minuscule bit of positivity and hope and rise up.
Life is a journey of pain and love. Equal share of both. So, even if pain is all you can see miles ahead- remember- every cloud has a silver lining.

Do you best and do good. It will come back and in ways you would have never thought.
So suck it up. Go out and challenge the difficulties ahead of you. Get up and show how it is done. Remember- there is always a way out- a light at the end of every tunnel.

I dont know why did I write this post. Call it an answer to all the games that life has played with me.
So here's to life- I am not going anywhere. I am here and will be here- fighting for my share of happiness :D 

Happy November to all !! :)
May this month bring all the happiness you deserve :D

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