Friday, 12 September 2014

When We Met

Was I really in love?
I am not quite sure.

Where did it all start... 

Remember the Orkut phase? The idea of having unread and huge number of scraps filled us with joy? It did to me as well, to an extent when i couldn't concentrate in school only to check my scraps. 

So we met through Orkut. Adding people randomly was quite normal back then. I wouldn't say that we hit it off right in the beginning in fact we both were  quite a show off in the beginning.We talked about school and studies(that's how general conversations begin I guess). We spoke for around two three months and then blame it on my pre boards or anything, we didn't talk. Things started to get strange and awkward and I started to avoid him, for no reason. We didn't talk for almost an year after that except for those little hi-hello-what you doing- nothing- type monosyllabic chats.
That year, I passed my boards with good marks while he started to prepare for entrance exams.

One fine day, I was out with my girl-friends having coffee when this quite good looking and well dressed guy-(Honestly, I found him normal. But all my friends went crazy)- walks in the cafe to meet his group of guy friends. Excitedly, we all brain-stormed if any one knew him(Yes, that's how girls react :P in high school) when another friend of ours entered the cafe and greeted that 'guy, before coming to us.
We drilled her for how she knew him and why didn't she ever mention him. It was a serious offence- not mentioning a good looking guy, after all :P

And it turns out that he was the same guy who I had been in touch with and had ignored bluntly on Orkut (Before, you try to judge if my eyesight is weak or anything, let me tell you that his profile picture was absolutely different than how he looked)

So a lot of things happened that day.
I was called a fool and an idiot, by my friends.
And, it was the day when we met .. When we saw each other for the first time - in person!

Will continue this story later. Going out of town today :)

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