Monday, 8 September 2014


People close to me would think what the heck do I know about love ? I have never been in a relationship neither do I socialize lot with guys.
But I do know what love is. Who says that it is necessary to experience it- to know it?
Having a boyfriend/ girlfriend doesn't mean you're in love. It doesn't certify you for being in love

I have a huge group of girlfriends. Almost every one of them has a boyfriend or has been in a relationship in the past. Unfortunately, none of them have been in love. I have the right to say that because probably I am the best adviser in my group and I know what everybody has been through. I know what it takes to have a good or a bad relationship. Being single comes with its own perks. Like, you don't have to 'make' time, you have it. You don't have to keep checking where your phone is, you don't need to keep updating where you are, where you will be, where you have been! Phew, sometimes, I feel how do people manage so much. 

Well, yeah I believe in Love.. soul mate and everything, I know that's called 'old- school' now. I am a hopeless lover. Big time.
Love in today's world doesn't exist. I have never come across a single true lover till date, so I can say that. They may exist but not in my world. My only wish about love would be I get a man who can love me the way I do. Just that much. I'd be a happy soul.

I believe in everything that's related to love. I am in love with the idea of love. Some say its hard to cope up with. Some say the result is always negative. Some say you cannot love a person forever. Really ? I think you can. Love is suppose to be eternal, right?
Some even say that you fall out of love, gradually. I don't believe it. Actually, I think it's utter rubbish. You can't fall out of love. If you do, you never really were in love.

Some of you might disagree here. You might think love is momentary and love doesn't last forever. My answer would be-  Love is not a 3-4 month course, it's not something you enroll yourself for and after a period of time you leave. It's not a medicine that comes with an expiry date. It's not a cloth that you enjoy wearing initially and lose interest later. It's not a tv show you don't want to continue watching because the plot just turned boring? It's none of the above.
It is a long lived affair where you can agree-disagree; fight-love; stay apart but never forget kind of a thing. It is that one person who you can never get bored with, that one person who believes in you even when you look tawdry, that one person who you can go back to after a thunderous fight an hour ago.

The bottom line is one cannot fall out of love.

Once in love, forever in love.

Let me state an example, when you're away from your parents, do you fall out of love with them? No you don't. 
Once you're away from your siblings, do you start to hate them? No, you don't.
So, how the hell can you fall out of love with a man/woman?
It only signifies one thing- you never ever loved that person irrevocably and unconditionally. 

The truth is that we like to believe that we're in love, but in actually we're not. We like to believe that he/she is the love of our life and will not change as a person and now grow and not  and is going to stay forever with us but when that doesn't happen in 21st century. And we call it 'falling out of love' . 

I am not stating that one cannot fall in love twice. Yes, that's possible. I know that ..because I will. 
Even if you say - you can fall in love with two different people at the same time. I would buy that too. 

But if you tell me that you have fallen out of love with a person and now you love the other one. I am sorry, that's impossible. There's no 'other one'. I don't buy stories about how one starts to hate their ex and they can't bear to see their 'ugly face(handsome/pretty before :|)' and then call it 'fallen out of love'. 
Sorry, What? 

If you believe that you love the second one and the first one can go to hell, then you never actually loved the first one

Your views will be appreciated. Thanks :)

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