Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Deepika Padukone and TOI

So, India's leading newspaper - TOI got to witness a new low in its long lived life!
For those who are unaware of the story let me give a little background.
The ruckus began with TOI making headlines with an indecent picture of Deepika Padukone, which was taken from an angle, that can show cleavage out of a guy's chest. Top angle!

The published picture was wrong on so many levels- Firstly, the top angle was wrong. Even if there was nothing visible from the front, the picture made it look like she was showing off a lot of cleavage(which wasn't true)

Secondly, even if there was a picture like that- who gives them the right to make headlines out of it? Which woman doesn't have breasts or cleavage? 

Thirdly, if supposed 'leading' newspaper will show such impropriety, what should be expected from small aspiring journalists trying to find their way up. 

@deepikapadukone via her twitter handle blatantly bashed the newspaper for their irresponsible attitude.

She gathered unconditional and enormous support from her fans and Bollywood fraternity. Good to see everyone taking a stand for her.

TOI then came up with a stupid(for the lack of a better word) response in which they called the picture as a compliment. It not only gained public attention but was termed as one of the dumbest clarifications from a high end newspaper.

If that wasn't enough, today TOI has issued another article by Pooja Bedi who has bluntly called Deepika's reaction as Silly. She thinks the matter is not worth so much attention. Seriously? 
Bedi Ji - hats off to you! Aap bahut smart hain.

Honestly, I think TOI has lost its mind. A simple applogy could have ended the thing right there. But no, they decide to stretch it with meek responses like these. 

Personally, I think Deepika Padukone is right to voice her opinion. I know some people would think if it is a publicity stint, a perfectly timed move and a way to gain viewers for her movie 'Finding Fanny' and  'Happy new year' . 

Hello! She is at top of her game right now. She doesnt need to stoop down to such levels, in order to gain publicity.

Lets take it this way- 
She is at her best right now and doing blockbuster movies and this is a way to keep the limelight on her. In short it is a publicity stint.

Okay so what about this? -  Had she been a sinking boat or a 'almost forgotten' actress, this act of hers would have been called a publicity stunt even then. 

What do you expect? 

If she is at her best- she is doing it for publicity.
If she is a sinking boat- aha! Its for publicity. Ofcourse!! 

Long story short- An actress doesnt get the right to voice her opinion or catch limelight. She is an actress and anything she does or not, is for publicity. She doesn't have the right to speak and take a stand. Publicity is all she can do. 

I support you @DeepikaPadukone

Whats you take on this? 

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