Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Yar Tera Superstar.. Desi Kalakaar

Let Honey Singh SING

So, I switched on the TV today morning, and the first thing I see playing on 9xm is - Desi kalakaar by Yo Yo honey Singh. For some reason, I didn't change the channel. May be I was still sleepy, I don't know.

I am not ashamed or embarrassed to admit that I enjoyed the track and the music. I watched it over YouTube, trying to find any fault or misogyny in the song- I didn't. In fact, I enjoyed the song and just put it on download.

This led me to thinking that how critical and how presumptuous can I be. It is unbelievable that I listened to his song twice(or may be more) only to find faults? Then I asked my friends if they liked the song and it didn't surprise me to hear words like- 'Yuk'; 'you think?'; 'What's wrong with you, hahaha
Surprisingly (or not so!) I then, found the regular bashing on my FB home page. What can I say more? 

After this day, I, at least would never talk ill(just for the sake of it) about Honey Singh. I mean, what exactly is he doing wrong? He is singing his own songs, raps well enough to get Amitabh Bachhan grooving, worked really hard to get there, has gone through a lot of rejections/hatred but still going strong, publicly accepts his rawness and dreams of winning a Grammy. What more can he do? He is in fact, an inspiration to those who change horses midstream only because they can't handle hatred.

His perseverance and confidence is what need to learn from. His goals are big, big enough to take Indian Music to international level. He isn't deterred or bothered by our outrageous and mean comments. Sure, he gets to our nerves with songs like isse kehte hain rockstar rockstar, but hey! What's wrong about it?
Can't we accept the fact that a small town boy who also has a degree from Trinity College, England(YES!! He does) can blow his own horns? 

People who talk about his misogynous comments and lyrics, I only have one, but very strong point to make here. 
Who does his remarks affect? No one. It is absolutely up to us if we want to hear his songs OR not. He is n where involved in how our life revolves or what rules do we follow. He's just a rapper/singer/music director/music composer slash the new hot thing in India.(this is for those who say- Who's he?)

Coming back to the point- Our policy makers go out and pass obnoxious comments about girls and their 'not-so-Indian' dressing style, and that is okay according to us? They are our law makers. What they say, what they do and most importantly- 'What they think' is of paramount importance to us! We cannot steer clear of their shallow mindset and ignore them because some way or the other those thoughts will trickle down to us in form of laws or rules. They are the one who need to be tamed and thrown out of India. 

Secondly, if his songs hurt so much, why is he so popular in India? Who listens to his songs? Not the ones who hate his music, I'm sure? 
Had there been even half UP janta hating his song, he would never have been a hit. Not even close. 

Honey Singh is not the one to blame. He is not the one responsible for rapes, for child abuse, for domestic violence in India. He is just an entertainer. If you don't like - blue eyes- Dont watch it. If you like it.. watch it, love it and sing it. YOUR choice.

So, let's just stop pretending that we hate Honey Singh and his rustic image. I liked the music of his new song and his image too. No comments about Sona, though. ( I don't dislike her but there's something wrong about her in this song. Can't put my finger on it)

Did I say that I didn't know why I continued to watch 9xm and not just change the channel instantly?
Well, I didn't, because I wanted to hear Honey Singh's song- because I have always liked his Songs - There I said it :D

Here's the link ! Enjoy

Hoping to hear your views :)

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