Thursday, 28 August 2014

Story of a beautician.

Its a story that somewhere made me feel better about myself and the kind of life I have. I thank God for everything that I am today. Everyone should.
 Thought it would be good to share with you all.. 

 I was out for my regular hair treatment, at a salon. Akansha, who is my regular and favorite worker greeted me like she always does 'ssup ma'am?' (She greets like that:p)
Midway through my treatment, after asking my whereabouts, she started to tell me how life is unfair and a surprise package.

"I have a huge ancestral house which is like old cottages and my maternal side is very rich"

Uninterested in the beginning I replied with a 'hmmmmm' looking at my phone.
She is a bit too chatty(to put it mildly) so she continued without bothering if I was listening -"we never know whats in store for us... We have a huge house in my village and when my husband came for marriage, we were told that he owned a tv shop. Girls in our village used to get married by 20 so without any background check, my parents got me married to him. He was a good catch afterall- tv shop and all"
I smiled at her.

Without hesitation she continued -"He did work at a tv shop- but as a mechanic"

Taking a deep breath, which indicated her disappointment, she continued to massage my scalp. I felt a little sad for her and mentally cursed her husband and his family for lying. It's astonishing how marriages are built on lies. How decieving can people be.

"My father had given me a motorcycle when I got married." 

As I started to wonder that why did she stress Mortorcycle she continued -"In those times, a motorcycle was considered huge. It wasn't like how it is today. It was a luxury item" she answered my query.

"I don't regret it" - she continued to talk, as if reassuring herself. 

"We love each other and we are what you call - 'a happy couple'. Our life has turned out happy and with god's blessings, we have now bought a residential plot and a house. It is quite good."

'Great' I said.

"Yeah, we have two kids who are study well and we just hope that they acheive all that they wish for and fulfill our dreams." She mildly smiled.

"I  wanted to become a IPS officer" she said excitedly. 

I was hooked now. I have this reverence for such government posts like IAS/IPS/IRS. I was amazed to see the kind of happiness she exuded by telling me her dream. 
I was curious enough to ask -"Did you try for the exam?"

"No. I couldn't. I got married at 20. Had a child by 22. I wanted to, but I couldn't. I want my daughter to fulfill my dream now. She is quite intelligent you know."

I got a phone call which paused her only for a few minutes. She then continued 
"It's great how life changes. How things never turn out the way we plan them to be, how luck plays a pivotal role in out lives. We never get more than God's will."

'' yeah...true" - I said thinking about myself here. I am also in a similar situation where my luck is taking me somewhere I had never imagined to be. 

"All we can do is to work hard and pray. Our marriage is strong and We are both very happy that we found each other. We own a house and if God will allow then we will buy a new car soon" she gleamed.

Isn't it just amazing how our life changes direction; how it never turns out as per our imagination(mostly). 

Do questions like- "where do you see yourself after 5 years?" Matter? 

We can only work and put it out to the universe to arrange stars as it wills an let life happen.
Hard work can never be brushed off but  I personally believe that hard work can take us to that 99.99 percentile. It can only do so much.
That 'point zero one' depends on our stars and luck. And it is the most important part, truely. 

'Thanks' I said and left the parlour with my ocean of thoughts and emotions.

Life is anything but ideal.

Life. Happens. 

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