Thursday, 28 August 2014

My Idea Of LOVE

Love… *sigh*

I am one of those ‘single’ friends who would give solicited/un advice to ‘committed’ people. Whenever a friend of mine faces any guy problem or relationship issues, I am the one to ring up! I am their advicer/counsellor and their confidant. So much of responsibility na? Phew! 
I have sometimes faced very tricky situations like - keeping secrets of two people who talk about each other. I know what they two feel about each other, but my duty is to keep my lips joined. Hard task, sometimes!

Coming back to My love.. 
For some reason, I have been single forever. I had a few guy friends (well, I like to say that) but to be honest, I have never shared a ‘good friendship’ with guys?
It has taken a toll on my confidence level, to some extent. I feel my expectations from guys are too high. None of the guys I have met have been able to suffice.I don't know who should I blame- Me or others?

Or may be I am not good enough for any of them! Either way, I have been single and probably am going to stay like this till I get married (lucky husband :P…. he will get all my pent up love).

Love, as they say, is a beautiful feeling, a beautiful world to live in. I try not to let it go into my head but fail miserably. People who know me would never say that I'm 'romantic or a girly girl' (I hide that part of mine skillfully), but I do get lonely at times. I too want to be crazy in love, to have someone to pour my heart out to, without being judged. To just hang out with someone, to hold someone's hand publicly. To.. Okay enough of it :P 

Let me share my idea of love today.. Do tell me if you find them unrealistic ? 
My idea of love is to find - 

         Someone who loves Chai more than coffee
         Someone who can talk till 4AM and still not get bored
        Someone who would never hurt someone’s feelings' intentionally(even if he has to suffer)
         Someone who can understand my  concept of ‘tough love’ (I am a pro)
         Someone who loves food- street food to 5stars!
         Someone who loves romantic songs- especially those sung by KK
          Someone who can give me his time as a gift and not his money
          Someone who accepts me inside out and never ask me to change
         Someone who can watch TV day and night
         Someone who loves to watch “Masterchef” (I'm an addict)
    Someone who puts me first. The world can wait.
    Someone who can understand my mood swings well (I don't have them, generally)
    Someone who would never lie to me(even if it will break me down) -I hate having secrets in a relationship.
     Someone who can complete my sentences (sometimes at least!)
    Someone who knows my dark side and still wants to be with me.
          Someone who can make me smile in bad times.
    Someone who would not give up on me- Because I would never do that.

           Too much to ask for? 


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