Thursday, 28 August 2014

Story of a beautician.

Its a story that somewhere made me feel better about myself and the kind of life I have. I thank God for everything that I am today. Everyone should.
 Thought it would be good to share with you all.. 

 I was out for my regular hair treatment, at a salon. Akansha, who is my regular and favorite worker greeted me like she always does 'ssup ma'am?' (She greets like that:p)
Midway through my treatment, after asking my whereabouts, she started to tell me how life is unfair and a surprise package.

"I have a huge ancestral house which is like old cottages and my maternal side is very rich"

Uninterested in the beginning I replied with a 'hmmmmm' looking at my phone.
She is a bit too chatty(to put it mildly) so she continued without bothering if I was listening -"we never know whats in store for us... We have a huge house in my village and when my husband came for marriage, we were told that he owned a tv shop. Girls in our village used to get married by 20 so without any background check, my parents got me married to him. He was a good catch afterall- tv shop and all"
I smiled at her.

Without hesitation she continued -"He did work at a tv shop- but as a mechanic"

Taking a deep breath, which indicated her disappointment, she continued to massage my scalp. I felt a little sad for her and mentally cursed her husband and his family for lying. It's astonishing how marriages are built on lies. How decieving can people be.

"My father had given me a motorcycle when I got married." 

As I started to wonder that why did she stress Mortorcycle she continued -"In those times, a motorcycle was considered huge. It wasn't like how it is today. It was a luxury item" she answered my query.

"I don't regret it" - she continued to talk, as if reassuring herself. 

"We love each other and we are what you call - 'a happy couple'. Our life has turned out happy and with god's blessings, we have now bought a residential plot and a house. It is quite good."

'Great' I said.

"Yeah, we have two kids who are study well and we just hope that they acheive all that they wish for and fulfill our dreams." She mildly smiled.

"I  wanted to become a IPS officer" she said excitedly. 

I was hooked now. I have this reverence for such government posts like IAS/IPS/IRS. I was amazed to see the kind of happiness she exuded by telling me her dream. 
I was curious enough to ask -"Did you try for the exam?"

"No. I couldn't. I got married at 20. Had a child by 22. I wanted to, but I couldn't. I want my daughter to fulfill my dream now. She is quite intelligent you know."

I got a phone call which paused her only for a few minutes. She then continued 
"It's great how life changes. How things never turn out the way we plan them to be, how luck plays a pivotal role in out lives. We never get more than God's will."

'' yeah...true" - I said thinking about myself here. I am also in a similar situation where my luck is taking me somewhere I had never imagined to be. 

"All we can do is to work hard and pray. Our marriage is strong and We are both very happy that we found each other. We own a house and if God will allow then we will buy a new car soon" she gleamed.

Isn't it just amazing how our life changes direction; how it never turns out as per our imagination(mostly). 

Do questions like- "where do you see yourself after 5 years?" Matter? 

We can only work and put it out to the universe to arrange stars as it wills an let life happen.
Hard work can never be brushed off but  I personally believe that hard work can take us to that 99.99 percentile. It can only do so much.
That 'point zero one' depends on our stars and luck. And it is the most important part, truely. 

'Thanks' I said and left the parlour with my ocean of thoughts and emotions.

Life is anything but ideal.

Life. Happens. 

My Idea Of LOVE

Love… *sigh*

I am one of those ‘single’ friends who would give solicited/un advice to ‘committed’ people. Whenever a friend of mine faces any guy problem or relationship issues, I am the one to ring up! I am their advicer/counsellor and their confidant. So much of responsibility na? Phew! 
I have sometimes faced very tricky situations like - keeping secrets of two people who talk about each other. I know what they two feel about each other, but my duty is to keep my lips joined. Hard task, sometimes!

Coming back to My love.. 
For some reason, I have been single forever. I had a few guy friends (well, I like to say that) but to be honest, I have never shared a ‘good friendship’ with guys?
It has taken a toll on my confidence level, to some extent. I feel my expectations from guys are too high. None of the guys I have met have been able to suffice.I don't know who should I blame- Me or others?

Or may be I am not good enough for any of them! Either way, I have been single and probably am going to stay like this till I get married (lucky husband :P…. he will get all my pent up love).

Love, as they say, is a beautiful feeling, a beautiful world to live in. I try not to let it go into my head but fail miserably. People who know me would never say that I'm 'romantic or a girly girl' (I hide that part of mine skillfully), but I do get lonely at times. I too want to be crazy in love, to have someone to pour my heart out to, without being judged. To just hang out with someone, to hold someone's hand publicly. To.. Okay enough of it :P 

Let me share my idea of love today.. Do tell me if you find them unrealistic ? 
My idea of love is to find - 

         Someone who loves Chai more than coffee
         Someone who can talk till 4AM and still not get bored
        Someone who would never hurt someone’s feelings' intentionally(even if he has to suffer)
         Someone who can understand my  concept of ‘tough love’ (I am a pro)
         Someone who loves food- street food to 5stars!
         Someone who loves romantic songs- especially those sung by KK
          Someone who can give me his time as a gift and not his money
          Someone who accepts me inside out and never ask me to change
         Someone who can watch TV day and night
         Someone who loves to watch “Masterchef” (I'm an addict)
    Someone who puts me first. The world can wait.
    Someone who can understand my mood swings well (I don't have them, generally)
    Someone who would never lie to me(even if it will break me down) -I hate having secrets in a relationship.
     Someone who can complete my sentences (sometimes at least!)
    Someone who knows my dark side and still wants to be with me.
          Someone who can make me smile in bad times.
    Someone who would not give up on me- Because I would never do that.

           Too much to ask for? 


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Yar Tera Superstar.. Desi Kalakaar

Let Honey Singh SING

So, I switched on the TV today morning, and the first thing I see playing on 9xm is - Desi kalakaar by Yo Yo honey Singh. For some reason, I didn't change the channel. May be I was still sleepy, I don't know.

I am not ashamed or embarrassed to admit that I enjoyed the track and the music. I watched it over YouTube, trying to find any fault or misogyny in the song- I didn't. In fact, I enjoyed the song and just put it on download.

This led me to thinking that how critical and how presumptuous can I be. It is unbelievable that I listened to his song twice(or may be more) only to find faults? Then I asked my friends if they liked the song and it didn't surprise me to hear words like- 'Yuk'; 'you think?'; 'What's wrong with you, hahaha
Surprisingly (or not so!) I then, found the regular bashing on my FB home page. What can I say more? 

After this day, I, at least would never talk ill(just for the sake of it) about Honey Singh. I mean, what exactly is he doing wrong? He is singing his own songs, raps well enough to get Amitabh Bachhan grooving, worked really hard to get there, has gone through a lot of rejections/hatred but still going strong, publicly accepts his rawness and dreams of winning a Grammy. What more can he do? He is in fact, an inspiration to those who change horses midstream only because they can't handle hatred.

His perseverance and confidence is what need to learn from. His goals are big, big enough to take Indian Music to international level. He isn't deterred or bothered by our outrageous and mean comments. Sure, he gets to our nerves with songs like isse kehte hain rockstar rockstar, but hey! What's wrong about it?
Can't we accept the fact that a small town boy who also has a degree from Trinity College, England(YES!! He does) can blow his own horns? 

People who talk about his misogynous comments and lyrics, I only have one, but very strong point to make here. 
Who does his remarks affect? No one. It is absolutely up to us if we want to hear his songs OR not. He is n where involved in how our life revolves or what rules do we follow. He's just a rapper/singer/music director/music composer slash the new hot thing in India.(this is for those who say- Who's he?)

Coming back to the point- Our policy makers go out and pass obnoxious comments about girls and their 'not-so-Indian' dressing style, and that is okay according to us? They are our law makers. What they say, what they do and most importantly- 'What they think' is of paramount importance to us! We cannot steer clear of their shallow mindset and ignore them because some way or the other those thoughts will trickle down to us in form of laws or rules. They are the one who need to be tamed and thrown out of India. 

Secondly, if his songs hurt so much, why is he so popular in India? Who listens to his songs? Not the ones who hate his music, I'm sure? 
Had there been even half UP janta hating his song, he would never have been a hit. Not even close. 

Honey Singh is not the one to blame. He is not the one responsible for rapes, for child abuse, for domestic violence in India. He is just an entertainer. If you don't like - blue eyes- Dont watch it. If you like it.. watch it, love it and sing it. YOUR choice.

So, let's just stop pretending that we hate Honey Singh and his rustic image. I liked the music of his new song and his image too. No comments about Sona, though. ( I don't dislike her but there's something wrong about her in this song. Can't put my finger on it)

Did I say that I didn't know why I continued to watch 9xm and not just change the channel instantly?
Well, I didn't, because I wanted to hear Honey Singh's song- because I have always liked his Songs - There I said it :D

Here's the link ! Enjoy

Hoping to hear your views :)